Work Practices (PKK) of Geomatics Competency 2018 of SMK Adi Sanggoro Bogor

Gunung Walat, Sukabumi – Work Practices (PKK) of Geomatics Competency 2018 of SMK Adi Sanggoro Bogor was held on 28 April 2018 – 3 May 2018 in Gunung Walat University Forest, Sukabumi.

SMK Adi Sanggoro Bogor held competency work practices (PKK) in GWUF, Sukabumi, West Java. This practice was attended by 106 participants from class XI students, 22 mentors from class XII students who had graduated, and 9 teachers.

During their stay at Gunung Walat, the participants would practice Geomatics subjects namely horizontal measurements, remote sensing retrieval, terrestrial surveys and GIS (Geographic Information System).

“This activity is a routine activity for 10 years at Gunung Walat. We hold it here because there are some materials that have not been delivered well because at school and these materials are combined now at Gunung Walat. I also see that the industry activities such as this practice” said Head of the Geomatics Study Program of SMK Adi Sanggoro, Mr. Jailani, S.T., when met at the location of the opening ceremony of PKK Adi Sanggoro at Gunung Walat.

According to him, the most important results of the PKK activities was to discipline students, so that they had a sense of responsibility for their future work, especially for the mental preparation of students while following Industrial Work Practices (Prakerin) in upcoming July 2018.

“During the PKK later, students will be required to wake up regularly, eat regularly, and attend all field practice activities until data processing. So it is needed to discipline them so that they have a sense of responsibility that the work must be on time and rewarded by others” said he, who was also a teacher in the Civil Engineering Survey for class XI and XII.

He expected that the learning process could continue one hundred per cent active after this activity to prepare for an internship when they go up to class XII”.

At the very least, after participating in this activity there is a figure on the world of work” he added.


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