Visit from a student of University of Leeds United Kingdom

Gunung Walat, Sukabumi – Visit from a student of University of Leeds United Kingdom had taken place on 14 August 2018 in Gunung Walat University Forest, Sukabumi.

GWUF remained a magnet for overseas researchers to just visit or do practical activities. It was seen from the visit of students from the University of Leeds, United Kingdom who collaborated with the Faculty of Forestry of IPB.

The activity was a brief visit in conjunction with the closing ceremony of the 53rd General Forestry Practices (PUK) IPB which had been held for 2 weeks separately to witness the forestry practices in GWUF.

“I visited Indonesia for two weeks to find experience about culture and to learn about forestry in this country. For today, I visit the educational forest in Indonesia and see the practical activities here” said University of Leeds student, Emma Kendall, when met at the location of the activity.

Emma made a short visit to several locations in Gunung Walat accompanied by the Director of Forest and Environmental Resource Management, Mr. Lufthi Rusniarsyah, M.Si and Mr. Lukmanul Hakim Zaini, M.Sc who were also lecturers of Forest Products Department of Faculty of Forestry of IPB and staff of GWUF.

According to Emma, the natural conditions in Gunung Walat create a positive impression.

“Seeing the ongoing activities here was really enjoyable with certainly very different in conditions from those in the United Kingdom or Great Britain. This is really good to see” Emma said.


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