SMP IT Insantama Bogor Graduation in 2018

Gunung Walat, Sukabumi – SMP IT Insantama Bogor Graduation in 2018 had been held from 7-9 May 2018 in Gunung Walat University Forest, Sukabumi.

The SMP IT Insantama Bogor held a farewell for the 9th batch. This activity with theme an Islamic graduation was attended by 160 9th grade junior high school students and guided directly by the teachers and founders.

“For the biggest and fourth time this year, it is held at Gunung Walat and we want to give a memorable place. I think Gunung Walat is perfect because it is far from the crowd with the atmosphere of the forest” said Chairman of the SMP IT Insantama Bogor Graduation Committee, Mr. Nur Fajarudin M.Pd., when met at the location of the event, Tuesday (08/05).

According to him, the essence of this series of events was to give the last time for togetherness between teachers and students. It was filled with creativity by students and advice from teachers and founders of the foundation.

“Because we as educational institutions do not want students who will become alumni that we just let go, but at least still hold the principles given by teachers, like kindness, goodwill, and how they are taught to be passionate about achieving goals” added¬† by him who was also a Bahasa Indonesia Teacher at SMP IT Insantama Bogor.

Hopefully, after attending this graduation, the positive values are given by the teacher for three years at school still adhered to by the students.

“Hopefully the principles of honesty and hard work in how to achieve their goals are strongly hold” he concluded.


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