General Forestry Practices (PUK) 2018 for students of Faculty of Forestry of IPB

Gunung Walat, Sukabumi – General Forestry Practices (PUK) 2018 for students of Faculty of Forestry of IPB had taken place from 3-15 August 2018 in Gunung Walat University Forest, Sukabumi.

Faculty of Forestry IPB had held the annual agenda of Forestry General Practices (PUK) Batch 53 in Gunung Walat University Forest, Sukabumi. This practice was attended by 356 students from the Forest Resources Conservation and Ecotourism Department, Forest Management Department, Silviculture Department, and Forest Products Department from Faculty of Forestry, IPB.

The previous practices had taken place in several places around West Java, such as Gunung Sancang, Batu Raden, and Pantai Pangandaran and had made GWUF as their last basecamp to complete the PUK that involve 48 supervisors who accompany both when they were separated in several places or when the completion of the practice.

“This practice lasted about 23 days involving many people including seniors as assistants lecturers to assist their junior so that everything that is expected by the department or programmed by the lecturer can run according to the module” said Chairman of the PUK 2018 Committee, Dr.Ir. Gunawan Santosa, MS when met at GWUF on Tuesday (8/14).

According to him, the PUK 2018 activity beginning with knowing forest ecosystems, such as coastal forests, mangrove forests, lowland forests, and highland forests. After the introduction of the forest ecosystem was done, students practised forestry science in accordance with the subject matter at Gunung Walat.

“Furthermore the practice here is more about the practice of forest protection, forest planning, forest management, and pests and diseases of the forest. So all material is a minimum competency of a forestry graduate” he said.

Pak Gun (nickname) advised that students who had participated in PUK activities can understand and recognize what forest is and how to manage it.

“I hope that after PUK, they already understand well what forest is, activities in forest management, and forest information in Indonesia. Well, this is the basis of forestry science” explained Pak Gun who was also a lecturer in the Division of NTFPs (Non-Timber Forest Products) Forest Resources Utilization of Department of Forest Management, Faculty of Forestry, IPB.

Pak Gun added that besides the knowledge gained by students, it could certainly strengthen the soul of unity for students, especially during the PUK activities.

“So they will be more compact, get to know each other in the same batch, and also hopefully after participating in this activity they can work together on other things needed when they become the alumni. It began to be imprinted when they conduct the PUK. The united-forester soul is what we always imprint within them” he concluded.


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