Field practice (year 2013) of Forestry Vocational Senior High School (SMK Kehutanan Kadipaten)

Gunung Walat, Sukabumi – Field practice (year 2013)  of Forestry Vocational  Senior High School (SMK Kehutanan Kadipaten) in Gunung Walat University Forest (GWUF), had been conducted  in GWUF on 14 April-28 May 2013 in GWUF.

This field  practice of the school which constitutes learning activities is conducted directly in  forestry companies / industries / government instituions.

This field practice by SMK Kehutanan Kadipaten  (Forestry Vocational  Senior High School)  in GWUF is the second time being conducted  in this GWUF forest.   The first occasion for this High School  was in the year 2012.

This year, this field practice was followed by 58 students of class XI of the Kadipaten High School.  During the activities, the students were also accompanied by 4 assistants from IPB and one IPB teaching staff from Faculty of Forestry.

“The objectives of this field practice are achieving the standard competence of our curriculum, transferring skill to our students concerning field mastery of forestry subject, and instilling the feeling of love to forest to our students “,  said Ir. Dimyati, M.Pd who was the Principal of this  Forestry Vocational  Senior High School (SMK Kehutanan Kadipaten).

Topics of field practice being taught were 1. Planting and maintenance /  tending of forest trees, 2. Seed technology and nursery of forest plants, 3.   Forest spatial arrangement, 4. Forest inventory, 5. Measuring and mapping of forest, 6. Opening up of forest areas.

Teaching staffs  of Forestry Faculty (IPB)  who were involved in this  field practice were Ir. Andi Sukendro, M.Si (topics  1 & 2), Ir. Budi Prihanto, MS (topic 3), Dr. Tatang Tiryana (topic  4),  and Endim Dimyana, B.Sc.F (topics 5 & 6).   Teaching staffs who were selected for handling this field practice were experts in the required topics, while the assistants  have followed some procedures of selection in conformity with their capacity.

The field practice was opened formally in GWUF by Dr. Nandi Kosmaryandi (Director  of Business Development in GWUF) and Ir. Dimyati, M.Pd, (Principal), while the end of the practice was formally closed by Dr. Gunawan Santosa (Director of Forest Resources Utilization) and Intakris, M.Pd (representative of the school principal).

During period of  6 full  weeks, the students were taught with theory and field practice of forestry so that the students were focused and more skillful.   The students   looked highly enthusiastic and  adopted  military like discipline.

Besides obtaining many knowledge,  sciences and skills, other interesting sides occurring in this field practice classes were creation of strong emotional relation between students and all staffs of GWUF who were on duty to serve the students in terms of accommodation and field practice session.    This phenomenon  made the  hearts of  students and staffs of GWUF were moved during farewell  session in the end of the field  practice.  Many of  the students shed their tears during the farewell session, giving  impression that they are not willing to the leave the persons  they love in GWUF.   However, life must go on,  let the sweet memory during their stay in GWUF become part of the unforgettable memory in the hearts of the students and staff of GWUF.

The following  are part of the testimony of teaching staffs of this field practice in GWUF.

“Gunung Walat University Forest has potency which is in conformity with our competence target in our curriculum.  The teaching staffs are competent and support our learning process.  All topics in our curriculum could be obtained in this forest “, added Ir. Dimyati, M.Pd.

“We extend our gratitude, because  our children have been trained and educated with pure forestry subject, making them genuine foresters and more competent in the field of forestry.  In the future, this cooperation will be continued and hopefully all students should and be obliged to follow training in this Gunung Walat University Forest”, said Intakris, M.Pd,  one of the teaching staffs of SMK Kehutanan Kadipaten.

“Gunung Walat University Forest is the place where foresters with high spirit to work and sincere, are staying.  I hope that with this field practice, those forester spirit will be transferred to our students “,  explained Fitriana WP, S.Hut, one of the teaching staffs who often accompanied the students in GWUF.


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