Family gathering of staffs and students of Division of Organic Chemistry (FMIPA IPB)

Gunung Walat, Sukabumi –  Family gathering  of staffs and students of Division of Organic Chemistry (Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Bogor Agricultural University) had been conducted  in GWUF in 1 – 2 June 2013 .

The Family gathering was followed by 48 students of generation batches 44-47, three educational support staffs, and 12  teaching staffs of  Division of Organic Chemistry (Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Bogor Agricultural University).

“The objective of this event is enhancing cooperation and togetherness between teaching staffs, educational support staffs and students “, said Ichsan , who was the chief organizer of this event.

“The main agenda of this event are presentation of progress report of student’s research and discussing the research constraints, and sharing of information with students of  generation batch 47 which will conduct research”,  he added.

The event of family gathering was initiated with opening speech by Head of Divison of Organic Chemistry, Prof. Suminar Achmadi and was continued with discussion on research progress by students of generation batches 44, 45 and 46 together with responds and comments from teaching staffs and educational support staffs.  The next agenda were friendly meeting and introduction session with students of generation batch 47 who chose research interest in Organic Chemstry division.  After the discussion ended, there was joint activities of singing and refreshing.  Students, educational staffs, and teaching staffs appeared enjoying the togetherness at that night in GWUF.   The tiredness due to the journey in the daytime seemed to be neutralized by cheers, joys, laughs and jokes.

For adding physical fitness to the body and increasing knowledge on forest and natural phenomena, in  the next morning there were sessions of morning gymnastics and tracking into the forest to observe the existing biodiversity.  The  tracking was guided by field staffs of GWUF and assistant manager of GWUF, Adly Rahandi Lubis, S.Hut.   During the tracking , students got explanation on aspects of forestry sciences  which seemed  were rather far different (although all are directy or indirectly related) with chemistry sciences which are daily received and worked with  by the students.  However, of course all of these explanations will be useful as additional knowledge and insight for the students, and will probably useful in the future.


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