# Head Office: Faculty of Forestry Kampus IPB Darmaga, Bogor 16680 Indonesia
# Site: Batununggal Village, Cibadak Sub-District & Hegarmanah Village, Cicantayan Sub-District Sukabumi 43155 – Indonesia
# Phone: +62251 8628729, +6285659895723 (WA only), +6285692810351
# E-mail:


The territory of Gunung Walat University Forest is situated between 2 villages and 2 subdistricts, namely Batununggal village (Cibadak subdistrict) and Hegarmanah village (Cicantayan subdistrict), District (Regency)  of  Sukabumi. The location can be reached through highway route and railroad route.  For highway route, public transportation can be used (L300 Bogor-Sukabumi), stopping in Gunung Walat, Sukabumi. Other vehicles can be used, such as cars, ¾ buses, or military / police  trucks.

For using railroad route, one should depart from Bogor Railway Station and stop in Karangtengah Railway Station (Sukabumi).  Departure schedule from Bogor Railway Station  is everyday at  07.50, 13.10, and 18.30 hours with ticket price of IDR 80.000 (executive class) or IDR 35.000 (economy class).  From Karangtengah Railway Station there is still 2 km more to be traveled, and can be covered by using ojek (motorcycle taxi).