Research activities in GWUF are conducted by students of undergraduate program, graduate program, or university teaching staffs / researchers.  Such researches comprise among others the topics of silviculture, forest planning, forest hydrology, social forestry, forest resources economics, forest resources conservation, and others.

At present, no less than 198 research reports  in the form of undergraduate thesis, master thesis and doctoral dissertation have been produced by researchers who conducted research in GWUF. There are also tens of other researches which have been published in various journals, both of national and international level. Several researches by foreign researchers are also conducted in GWUF, such as research on forest stand potency, and forest hydrology which are conducted by researchers from Tokyo University and Kyoto University, Japan.

One of the forms of forest management is tree planting activities through various schemes, such as among others through student field practice classes, student environmental education, activities of Faculty of Forestry (IPB) alumni, activities of various people community and cooperation with various institutions and companies.

Forest utilization which has been conducted comprises utilization of non wood forest products in the form of resin tapping of pine and agathis (copal), and utilization of forest environmental services. Utilization of non wood forest products is conducted on naturally fallen timber, because GWUF adopts the policy of zero cutting. Standing trees in GWUF are considered to have higher existence values as compared with a mere timber value.