Existence of GWUF has provided lots of benefits for the public at large, so there is possibility to implement the approach of public participation for community development.   The approach of this framework is in principle accommodating the synergy of stakeholders which comprise academician (universities), business (private parties), government (national and local government), community, and  non government organization  for creating mutual benefit relations.

Activities of training and extension services for the people around GWUF are conducted to develop awareness concerning the importance of forest, and to drive the community economy through development of people’s owned forest.   Aids in the form of planting stock provision and technical guidance have been conducted by GWUF for local people.   Several water springs have been utilized by the people to fulfill their need for drinking water, washing and farm irrigation.

Relations with public and community figures, and community institutions, such as youth organizations, farmer groups, and religious schools around GWUF are always maintained  to  explore and develop synergy for improving the welfare of local people around GWUF.