Creating and maintaining Gunung Walat University Forest (GWUF) as media for implementing the Three Services of Higher Education of Faculty of Forestry (IPB) at international level, for pursuing sustainable forest management. Creation of “Leuweung Sakolaan Sagala Bangsa “ (local language expression which means International Education Forest)


  1. Implementing sustainable forest management in GWUF territory.
  2. Implementing scientific / technological  education and research in the field of forest and environmental resources management, in effective manner.
  3. Establishing partnership between GWUF and stakeholders as a concrete manifestation of community services.


  1. Developing benefit (beneficial)
  2. Sustainable
  3. Independent (self financing)
  4. Integrated
  5. Transparent and accountable.


Creation of media for Three Services of Higher Education of Faculty of Forestry (IPB) for pursuing sustainable forest management.   The three services comprise education, research and community service.


  1. Creation of pattern for GWUF utilization as education and research forest in the  fields of science and technology of sustainable forest management.
  2. Creation of GWUF partnership with stakeholders
  3. Creation of high quality media for three services of higher education (University / College).